General terms and conditions


1.1. Terms and conditions are the following Terms and Conditions trader Transfer Service Ltd.

1.2. Provider means a business entity Transfer Service, Inc. based Grösslingová 25, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Identification Number: 45420360, registered in the Companies Register of Slovak Republic , File No: 63928 / B

1.3. Customer means a natural or legal person to whom the provider provides road passenger transport services carried by passenger vehicles, based on their order ie in particular for it provides transport services from their place of departure to the point of arrival.

1.4. Customer means a natural or legal person, who is carried by Provider.

1.5  The point of departure is a place given by customer at which a provider is required to pick him up.

1.6. Place of arrival is a place given by customer at which a provider is required to carries him. 


2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all road passenger transport services provided by the provider. From these Terms and Conditions shall be in individual cases deviate only by written agreement between Provider and Customer.

2.2. These Terms and Conditions are binding for the Customer from the time of entering into a legal relationship with the Provider.

2.3 The customer is in wholly contractual relationship only with the Provider and in any case with any other person to whom the Customer provide the transport. 


3.1. The provider undertakes

a.) in the case of confirmation of the order to pick the person / people at the place of departure and to ensure their transportation to the place of arrival,

b) in the event of failure to appear at the Place of departure is the Provider required without further delay notify the Customer and agree the way forward.

3.2. The legal relationship between the provider and the customer, as between them is not signed a written contract, there is a moment when the provider accept the Customer´s order. In this moment there is an Provider´s obligation to ensure the carriage of person / people and the obligation of the Customer to pay for transport cost under these Terms and Conditions and the Price List of Provider.

3.3.  Provider may fulfill its commitment by an additional provider while Customer agrees with, that to meet the commitment may use any third party, and thus to subcontract all or any part of the transportation and other services for such conditions as determined by Provider.


4.1. The customer undertakes:

a.) if he wants to use the services of the Provider, order shipment in a controlled manner, ie, by telephone or electronically (email), online form.

b.) in order to indicate your name, e-mail and telephone number; unless the customer is assigned a customer code, you only give this code; Client code means the customer number of regular customer; further in the order also indicate the address of the place of departure and time of pickup and place of arrival.

c) Provide to provider the correct information about place and exact time of pickup; in the event of breach of this obligation provider is not liable for failure to appear at the pick-up point in time.


5.1. Provider´s obligation for the transport of person / persons is satisfied importation customers at the point of arrival.


6.1. The customer is obliged to acquaint themselves with the current price list of provider, which is accessible to the public information system (Internet).

6.2. Customer is required for carriage within the meaning hereof pay the price according to the current price list of provider, unless otherwise specified in writing.

6.3. Transfer fees may be paid in cash in the vehicle or wire transfer:

a.) based on the invoice - tax document of provider - payable within 14 days from the date of issue.

b.) By the credit card over the Internet - after creating the order will be directed to a secure payment gateway bank, which enters the necessary data. Unless the transaction is authorized, payment will take place immediately.

6.4. Fees invoiced by the provider to the customer under these Terms and Conditions or according to the Price List of Provider, are without VAT.


7.1.1. If the client finds that the services are weaknesses in the quality and range of services provided, has the right to claim these shortcomings. Complaints should be addressed without delay following the detection of a defect within 10 days of the shipment.

7.2. Complaint within the meaning of the preceding paragraph must be in writing or in electronic form and shall contain an accurate description of the damage caused and must be delivered to the Provider within the preceding paragraph

7.3. If the Customer does not exercise his claims at the time and method of the present article is true that the transport was done on time and properly.
7.4. If the customer cancels an order, there will be in the case of online payment money refunded in full on his behalf. In the event that payment in cash or payment on an invoice, the order will be canceled without cancellation fees.

7.5. Procedures for handling complaints:

7.5.1. If you can not claim to equip immediately, it is necessary to make a record of complaint with the client, which must be signed by the client and the carrier who is so entitled.

7.5.2. The Client is obliged to provide accurate information regarding the complaint on the shortcomings of the service provided, as well as the assistance needed in handling complaints.

7.5.3. About substantiation of complaint of defects decides authorized employee or other authorized person designated to manage the claim immediately, in complex cases within three working days.

7.5.4. The Company is obliged to inform by letter the client about the status of the complaint within 30 days of application, ie after receipt of the documents by the client. These are especially deficiencies relating to professional judgment claim.


8.1. All legal relations arising between the provider and the customer shall be governed by the legislation of the Slovak Republic. For matters not covered by a contract or these Terms and Conditions shall apply the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code.

8.2. The authentic text of terms and conditions and the relationship to different charters or documents.

8.3. These Terms and Conditions take precedence over any divergent statement named persons acting Provider, unless this is a different statement be rendered in writing and signed by a person under the relevant legislation authorized to act on behalf of the Provider.

8.4. These Terms and Conditions shall apply only if a written contract does not appoint something else.

8.5. These Terms and Conditions are published on the public information system with remote access (Internet), and at In the event of conflict between the written version hereof and the version published in a publicly accessible information system (Internet), the version published on the public information system (Internet), which is the only authentic version hereof.


9.1. Customer submits the registration information necessary for the identification of the online system that allows you to transfer the necessary accounting transactions, prepare tax documents. 
9.2. The Provider undertakes that it will be the customer's personal data handled and treated in accordance with applicable legislation, collect them only for the above purposes and to improve its services.
9.3. By using the online system the customer agrees to the collection and use of information about it for the above specified conditions.


10.1. These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 27.01.2014.